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The Best Instruments

By SnaccMufin

  1. Cane Flute

    Cane Flute

  2. Vapor Drums 2.0

    Vapor Drums 2.0

  3. Gated Reverb Kit

    Gated Reverb Kit

  4. Snare 47

    Snare 47

  5. Small Djembe

    Small Djembe

  6. <uichordmenu> Bongo


  7. <uichordmenu> Djembe


  8. Wood Piano

    Wood Piano

  9. @DOTBAD_ Drum Kit (Remastered)

    DOTBAD_ Drum Kit (Remastered)

  10. Delay Arp Odyssey Pluck

    Delay Arp Odyssey Pluck

  11. Superior Soloblaster

    Superior Soloblaster

  12. Arcade Ting Lead

    Arcade Ting Lead

  13. Lofi keys

    Lofi keys

  14. Waluigi Drum Kit

    Waluigi Drum Kit

  15. Brass Synth 1

    Brass Synth 1

  16. ヘビーメタルなギター


  17. Simple Whistle

    Simple Whistle

  18. Throat Singing (R-Phase Smooth)

    Throat Singing (R-Phase Smooth)

  19. Steel Drum

    Steel Drum

  20. Mellow Strings

    Mellow Strings

  21. Game Crash Synth

    Game Crash Synth

  22. Fantasy Bells

    Fantasy Bells

  23. FM Q-Bass

    FM Q-Bass

  24. Remix of Clean Electric Guitar [Test #2]

    Remix of Clean Electric Guitar [Test #2]

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