Afro's music

By Afroman4peace

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  1. Mystery piano

    Mystery piano

  2. The sounds outside my window

    The sounds outside my window

  3. Die Saga der Alten

    Die Saga der Alten

  4. Sector - 6  ambient song

    Sector - 6 ambient song

  5. Asian flute song

    Asian flute song

  6. New Piano Music- not named yet

    New Piano Music- not named yet

  7. Loch Lomond (Tin Whistle)

    Loch Lomond (Tin Whistle)

  8. Happy Flute

    Happy Flute

  9. Piano piece handcrafted (WIP)

    Piano piece handcrafted (WIP)

  10. Afro's Symphony

    Afro's Symphony

  11. Piano piece handcrafted Version2 (WIP)

    Piano piece handcrafted Version2 (WIP)

  12. The Mystic Harp

    The Mystic Harp

  13. Mystic Kingdom soundtrack

    Mystic Kingdom soundtrack

  14. Burning Lands METAL

    Burning Lands METAL

  15. Symphony XV (WIP)

    Symphony XV (WIP)

  16. Acient.Background


  17. Outside my Window

    Outside my Window

  18. My Flutesong

    My Flutesong

  19. Fear


  20. Not named yet piano

    Not named yet piano

  21. -Epic Theme-

    -Epic Theme-

  22. Song


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