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Fantasy Building Pieces


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  1. Hardwood Floor (grid)

    Hardwood Floor (grid)

  2. Wooden walkway - worn

    Wooden walkway - worn

  3. Wooden Roof Tiles

    Wooden Roof Tiles

  4. Tall Modern Wooden Fence

    Tall Modern Wooden Fence

  5. Stone arch

    Stone arch

  6. Hardwood Floor

    Hardwood Floor

  7. Stone Fence

    Stone Fence

  8. Stone wall

    Stone wall

  9. 2x2 Stone Floor Segment

    2x2 Stone Floor Segment

  10. Worn Fence

    Worn Fence

  11. Wood Plank (Short)

    Wood Plank (Short)

  12. Overgrown Wood Floor

    Overgrown Wood Floor

  13. Temple Column

    Temple Column

  14. Stone Brick

    Stone Brick

  15. Stone brick wall window

    Stone brick wall window

  16. Ancient Stone Structures

    Ancient Stone Structures

  17. Brick Plaza

    Brick Plaza

  18. Old Iron Grate 3

    Old Iron Grate 3

  19. Stone Wall and Doorway 01

    Stone Wall and Doorway 01

  20. Block arch wall

    Block arch wall

  21. Old Iron Grate 1

    Old Iron Grate 1

  22. Ashlar_wallsegment_01


  23. Big Gate

    Big Gate

  24. Stone Block

    Stone Block

  25. Wood Plank

    Wood Plank

  26. Stone Floor Module

    Stone Floor Module

  27. Column 1

    Column 1

  28. Stone Wall and Window 01

    Stone Wall and Window 01

  29. Wood roof 01

    Wood roof 01

  30. Brick wall messy

    Brick wall messy

  31. Floor block

    Floor block

  32. Stone Wall (Wooden Door)

    Stone Wall (Wooden Door)

  33. Stone Wall (Archway)

    Stone Wall (Archway)

  34. Old Iron Grate 2

    Old Iron Grate 2

  35. Wall with doorway

    Wall with doorway

  36. Wooden Floor

    Wooden Floor

  37. Column 2

    Column 2

  38. Banister


  39. Mine wooden wall

    Mine wooden wall

  40. Hard wood floor

    Hard wood floor

  41. Box - Wood floor with wood panel walls

    Box - Wood floor with wood panel walls

  42. Old wooden fence

    Old wooden fence

  43. Earth Wall

    Earth Wall

  44. Brick Wall

    Brick Wall

  45. Seamless Cobble Tile V-0.1

    Seamless Cobble Tile V-0.1

  46. Stone door

    Stone door

  47. Corrugated Metal

    Corrugated Metal

  48. Bat's Material Gallery

    Bat's Material Gallery


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