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Monster Voices

By MmOfficial

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  1. Guard Dragon: Breathe Fire

    Guard Dragon: Breathe Fire

  2. Large Bat: Chatter

    Large Bat: Chatter

  3. Queen Dragon: Alert

    Queen Dragon: Alert

  4. Demon Chomper: Bark

    Demon Chomper: Bark

  5. Demon Chomper: Defeated

    Demon Chomper: Defeated

  6. Demon Chomper: Bite

    Demon Chomper: Bite

  7. Rock Golem: Defeated

    Rock Golem: Defeated

  8. Skull Chomper: Cackle

    Skull Chomper: Cackle

  9. Demon Chomper: Hurt

    Demon Chomper: Hurt

  10. Herb the Bat: Chatter

    Herb the Bat: Chatter

  11. Guard Dragon: Hurt

    Guard Dragon: Hurt

  12. Skull Chomper: Hurt

    Skull Chomper: Hurt

  13. Queen Dragon: Gleeful Shriek

    Queen Dragon: Gleeful Shriek

  14. Small Bat: Chatter

    Small Bat: Chatter

  15. Snapper: Hiss

    Snapper: Hiss

  16. Skull Chomper: Attack

    Skull Chomper: Attack

  17. Skull Chomper: Grunt

    Skull Chomper: Grunt

  18. Plant Monster: Awake

    Plant Monster: Awake

  19. Plant Monster: Grumble

    Plant Monster: Grumble

  20. Snapper: Defeated

    Snapper: Defeated

  21. Small Golem: Slam Attack

    Small Golem: Slam Attack

  22. Rock Golem: Awake

    Rock Golem: Awake

  23. Plant Monster: Defeated

    Plant Monster: Defeated

  24. Demon Chomper: Awake

    Demon Chomper: Awake

  25. Small Golem: Defeated

    Small Golem: Defeated

  26. Snapper: Howl

    Snapper: Howl

  27. Queen Dragon: Spit Fireball

    Queen Dragon: Spit Fireball

  28. Guard Dragon: Defeated

    Guard Dragon: Defeated

  29. Rock Golem: Hurt

    Rock Golem: Hurt

  30. Guard Dragon: Alert

    Guard Dragon: Alert

  31. Skull Chomper: Defeated

    Skull Chomper: Defeated

  32. Snapper: Hurt

    Snapper: Hurt

  33. Rock Golem: Punch Attack

    Rock Golem: Punch Attack

  34. Skull Chomper: Bark

    Skull Chomper: Bark

  35. Snapper: Attack

    Snapper: Attack

  36. Queen Dragon: Slam Attack

    Queen Dragon: Slam Attack

  37. Queen Dragon: Gulp

    Queen Dragon: Gulp

  38. Guard Dragon: Gulp

    Guard Dragon: Gulp

  39. Guard Dragon: Wind Up

    Guard Dragon: Wind Up

  40. Snapper: Grumble

    Snapper: Grumble

  41. Queen Dragon: Spin Attack

    Queen Dragon: Spin Attack

  42. Small Golem: Hurt

    Small Golem: Hurt

  43. Rock Golem: Wind Up

    Rock Golem: Wind Up

  44. Queen Dragon: Swipe Attack

    Queen Dragon: Swipe Attack

  45. Queen Dragon: Defeated

    Queen Dragon: Defeated

  46. Plant Monster: Hurt

    Plant Monster: Hurt

  47. Guard Dragon: Attack

    Guard Dragon: Attack

  48. Plant Monster: Short Attack

    Plant Monster: Short Attack


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