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Evil The Sackboy: THE NIGHTMARE Collection

By Evil-Monkey178

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  1. Siren Head

    Siren Head

  2. Undertale OST 100 - Megalovania

    Undertale OST 100 - Megalovania

  3. Evil The Sackboy

    Evil The Sackboy

  4. King Booser

    King Booser

  5. Spyro The Dragon(V5)

    Spyro The Dragon(V5)

  6. Jelly (Improved)

    Jelly (Improved)

  7. Lilac The Dragon (HUGE UPDATE)

    Lilac The Dragon (HUGE UPDATE)

  8. Sonic V3

    Sonic V3

  9. Mario


  10. Elora the Faun (Reignited V5)

    Elora the Faun (Reignited V5)

  11. Tangle the Lemur

    Tangle the Lemur

  12. Papyrus Deluxe Puppet

    Papyrus Deluxe Puppet

  13. Boss Battle Theme

    Boss Battle Theme

  14. Sad slow piano w/Strings

    Sad slow piano w/Strings

  15. Carol The Wildcat (HUGE UPDATE)

    Carol The Wildcat (HUGE UPDATE)

  16. Creepy / Sad Ambience 1

    Creepy / Sad Ambience 1

  17. Boss music

    Boss music

  18. Yoshi


  19. Ghost.Bot [V5]

    Ghost.Bot [V5]

  20. Rayman V2

    Rayman V2

  21. Cream & Cheese

    Cream & Cheese

  22. SuperSonic The Dragon V3 (NEW OC/VERSION 3)

    SuperSonic The Dragon V3 (NEW OC/VERSION 3)

  23. Crash Bandicoot

    Crash Bandicoot



  25. Milla Basset (HUGE UPDATE)

    Milla Basset (HUGE UPDATE)

  26. Evil.EXE The SackDemon

    Evil.EXE The SackDemon

  27. Tails V3

    Tails V3

  28. Among Us Crewmate

    Among Us Crewmate

  29. Sally Acorn

    Sally Acorn

  30. Spyro.EXE


  31. Classic Sonic V3

    Classic Sonic V3

  32. Blaze V3

    Blaze V3

  33. Shadow V3

    Shadow V3

  34. UNDERTALE OST #089 - SAVE The World

    UNDERTALE OST #089 - SAVE The World

  35. Dr Neo Cortex Deluxe

    Dr Neo Cortex Deluxe

  36. Bianca (Spyro: Reignited) UPDATED!

    Bianca (Spyro: Reignited) UPDATED!

  37. Coco Bandicoot

    Coco Bandicoot

  38. Hero The Sackboy V3

    Hero The Sackboy V3

  39. Amy Rose V3

    Amy Rose V3

  40. Steve (Animation Edition)

    Steve (Animation Edition)

  41. Hunter The Cheetah V3

    Hunter The Cheetah V3

  42. Slender Man

    Slender Man

  43. Cipher The Fox V3

    Cipher The Fox V3

  44. Dr. Eggman

    Dr. Eggman

  45. Missy The Sackgirl V3

    Missy The Sackgirl V3

  46. Knuckles V3

    Knuckles V3

  47. Metal Sonic V2

    Metal Sonic V2

  48. Neera Li The Frost Knight

    Neera Li The Frost Knight


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