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Combat items

By Kmuffy

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  1. Bone handled orc long sword

    Bone handled orc long sword

  2. Wood pole

    Wood pole

  3. Long sword 2

    Long sword 2

  4. Vampire lords great sword

    Vampire lords great sword

  5. Spiked ball mace

    Spiked ball mace

  6. Medieval mace

    Medieval mace

  7. Sythe


  8. Templar shield

    Templar shield

  9. Dark elf long sword

    Dark elf long sword

  10. Knight shield (Blank design)

    Knight shield (Blank design)

  11. Medieval helm

    Medieval helm

  12. Painted lion shield

    Painted lion shield

  13. Long Sword

    Long Sword

  14. Sword design 1

    Sword design 1

  15. Great axe

    Great axe

  16. Shaman staff
    Top 25% in the community jam: 'Magic and Wizardry'

    Shaman staff

  17. Viking short sword

    Viking short sword

  18. Dark elf battle sword

    Dark elf battle sword

  19. Viking dagger

    Viking dagger

  20. Medieval flail (ball jointed chain)

    Medieval flail (ball jointed chain)

  21. Medieval steel mace

    Medieval steel mace

  22. Templar sword

    Templar sword

  23. Mercenary Sword

    Mercenary Sword

  24. Dark elf shield

    Dark elf shield

  25. Ninjato


  26. Short sword

    Short sword

  27. Lord of the rings style long sword

    Lord of the rings style long sword

  28. High elven warrior shield

    High elven warrior shield

  29. Round shield

    Round shield

  30. Painted dragon shield

    Painted dragon shield

  31. Long sword 3

    Long sword 3

  32. Savage spear

    Savage spear

  33. Orc converted Dark Elf axe

    Orc converted Dark Elf axe

  34. Lord of the rings style short sword

    Lord of the rings style short sword

  35. Broad blade

    Broad blade

  36. Dark elf axe

    Dark elf axe

  37. Assassin blade

    Assassin blade

  38. Medieval sword blade

    Medieval sword blade

  39. great sword blade

    great sword blade

  40. Short sword 2

    Short sword 2

  41. Elegant sword and dagger

    Elegant sword and dagger

  42. Templar sword 2

    Templar sword 2

  43. Improved long sword blade

    Improved long sword blade

  44. Caltrop


  45. Gondor shield

    Gondor shield

  46. Arm guard

    Arm guard

  47. Savage axe

    Savage axe

  48. Templar sword 2 + Scabbard

    Templar sword 2 + Scabbard


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