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Welcome Garden Character Pack

By MmOfficial

  1. Fern the Frog

    Fern the Frog

  2. Sliding Bank Curve

    Sliding Bank Curve

  3. Sliding Ramp Steep

    Sliding Ramp Steep

  4. Sliding Ramp Shallow

    Sliding Ramp Shallow

  5. Static Melee Garden Enemy

    Static Melee Garden Enemy

  6. Static Ranged Garden Enemy

    Static Ranged Garden Enemy

  7. Basic Follower Garden Enemy

    Basic Follower Garden Enemy

  8. Chasey


  9. Shooty


  10. Bitey


  11. Blank Sliding Platforming Puppet

    Blank Sliding Platforming Puppet

  12. Ash


  13. Rowan


  14. Jump Distance Guides

    Jump Distance Guides

  15. Jump Height Guides

    Jump Height Guides

  16. Welcome Garden Character Showcase

    Welcome Garden Character Showcase

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