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Sampled Phrases & Effects

By MmOfficial

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  1. Reverse Elements

    Reverse Elements

  2. Great White Noise

    Great White Noise

  3. Soft Piano Phrases

    Soft Piano Phrases

  4. Vinyl Crackle Loops

    Vinyl Crackle Loops

  5. Cinematic Low Booms

    Cinematic Low Booms

  6. Flute Phrases

    Flute Phrases

  7. Smokey Sax Blues (in E)

    Smokey Sax Blues (in E)

  8. Reverse Ice Pianos

    Reverse Ice Pianos

  9. Guitar Feedback Effects (in D)

    Guitar Feedback Effects (in D)

  10. Windchime Loops

    Windchime Loops

  11. Vintage Guitar Chords

    Vintage Guitar Chords

  12. Virus Effects

    Virus Effects

  13. Going Up!

    Going Up!

  14. Birdy Num Nums

    Birdy Num Nums

  15. Quick Risers

    Quick Risers

  16. Guitar Loops (115bpm  B)

    Guitar Loops (115bpm B)

  17. Heart Pianos

    Heart Pianos

  18. Rave On

    Rave On

  19. Space Kraft

    Space Kraft

  20. Interference FX

    Interference FX

  21. Bass Loops (120bpm A)

    Bass Loops (120bpm A)

  22. Electronic Hay Loft

    Electronic Hay Loft

  23. The Haytron

    The Haytron

  24. Twisted Bubbles

    Twisted Bubbles

  25. The Haytron Mark II

    The Haytron Mark II


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