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Player created worlds collection

By Joshuwa-420

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  1. Working Portal Gun Demo

    Working Portal Gun Demo

  2. FFVII Dreamake

    FFVII Dreamake

  3. 1% graphics thermo 2

    1% graphics thermo 2

  4. Farmland Spring Sunset
    Third place in the community jam: 'Spring Season - Scene'

    Farmland Spring Sunset

  5. Island
    Top 25% in the community jam: 'Tropical Islands'


  6. Level 1

    Level 1

  7. Last city

    Last city

  8. Barney Reagel's House

    Barney Reagel's House

  9. Catastrophe


  10. Puppet Test Level

    Puppet Test Level

  11. Iron Defiance

    Iron Defiance

  12. Zombie City

    Zombie City

  13. GATC-X
    Top 25% in the community jam: 'Robots'


  14. Apartment interior showcase

    Apartment interior showcase

  15. Escalate


  16. North Island environment concept

    North Island environment concept

  17. Remix von Town

    Remix von Town

  18. Megoid Man

    Megoid Man

  19. Fantasy scene

    Fantasy scene

  20. Mini City (60% Thermo)

    Mini City (60% Thermo)

  21. Start Project

    Start Project

  22. Project level 1

    Project level 1

  23. City in the sky

    City in the sky

  24. Kame House

    Kame House

  25. X City W,I,P

    X City W,I,P

  26. Project level 2

    Project level 2

  27. Lighthouse Shore w/ Mountains

    Lighthouse Shore w/ Mountains

  28. The carrot snatcher WIP

    The carrot snatcher WIP

  29. 饅頭学園 -Manjuu Academy- (β ver.)

    饅頭学園 -Manjuu Academy- (β ver.)

  30. Project level 3

    Project level 3

  31. War of the Wolds

    War of the Wolds

  32. Asteroid City

    Asteroid City

  33. Sector 12

    Sector 12

  34. Project level 4

    Project level 4

  35. Project level 6

    Project level 6

  36. Desert Town

    Desert Town

  37. Ocean Village On Spire

    Ocean Village On Spire

  38. Planète de maître Kaïô

    Planète de maître Kaïô

  39. Flying island

    Flying island

  40. Dream city

    Dream city

  41. Complex


  42. Miniature city

    Miniature city


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