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(Skele) My Low Thermo Asset Collection

By The_Sci-Fi_Guy

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  1. Walkie-talkie


  2. Coffee Maker & Coffee Pot

    Coffee Maker & Coffee Pot

  3. Glass of milk

    Glass of milk

  4. Old Worn Cabinet

    Old Worn Cabinet

  5. House Plants

    House Plants

  6. Lightpost


  7. Old Lamp

    Old Lamp

  8. Old Worn Filing Cabinet

    Old Worn Filing Cabinet

  9. Sci-Fi Module/Pillar

    Sci-Fi Module/Pillar

  10. Crystal


  11. Old Worn Dresser

    Old Worn Dresser

  12. Coffee Cup

    Coffee Cup

  13. Old Wooden Beam

    Old Wooden Beam

  14. Old Lamp

    Old Lamp

  15. Old Worn Chair

    Old Worn Chair

  16. Old Worn Wooden Door

    Old Worn Wooden Door

  17. Ham & Swiss Cheese Sandwich

    Ham & Swiss Cheese Sandwich

  18. Old Worn Cabinet

    Old Worn Cabinet

  19. Oil Lamp

    Oil Lamp

  20. Old Worn Couch

    Old Worn Couch

  21. Plates


  22. Red 32 GB Flashdrive

    Red 32 GB Flashdrive

  23. Inkwell & Quill

    Inkwell & Quill

  24. Old Worn Antique Table

    Old Worn Antique Table

  25. Old Rusted Power Box

    Old Rusted Power Box

  26. Old Worn Double Bed

    Old Worn Double Bed

  27. Old Worn Cupboard

    Old Worn Cupboard

  28. Old Tea Pot

    Old Tea Pot

  29. Old Rusted Door

    Old Rusted Door

  30. Old Worn Cupboard With Sink

    Old Worn Cupboard With Sink

  31. Glowing Mushrooms

    Glowing Mushrooms

  32. Old Wood Cutting Axe

    Old Wood Cutting Axe

  33. Old Worn Wooden Crate

    Old Worn Wooden Crate

  34. Simple Long Wooden Table

    Simple Long Wooden Table

  35. Cell Phone

    Cell Phone

  36. Noodle Toodle Noodles

    Noodle Toodle Noodles

  37. Bottle / Ketchup bottle

    Bottle / Ketchup bottle

  38. Sci-Fi Wall

    Sci-Fi Wall

  39. Wood Wall

    Wood Wall

  40. Tree


  41. Stone Brick Wall

    Stone Brick Wall

  42. Old Birdbath

    Old Birdbath

  43. Old Washing Machines

    Old Washing Machines

  44. Old Fridge

    Old Fridge

  45. Old Curtains

    Old Curtains

  46. Candles


  47. Tiny pencil

    Tiny pencil

  48. Bush



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