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Retro Instruments

By beanbob101

  1. Sampled FM Keys

    Sampled FM Keys

  2. FM Rhodes (Soft)

    FM Rhodes (Soft)

  3. FM Rhodes

    FM Rhodes

  4. FM Rhodes (Hard)

    FM Rhodes (Hard)

  5. Pan Mallet

    Pan Mallet

  6. Simple Analog Bass

    Simple Analog Bass

  7. FM Analog Bass

    FM Analog Bass

  8. Analog 4th Arp

    Analog 4th Arp

  9. FM Rhodes 2

    FM Rhodes 2

  10. FM Rhodes w/ Velocity <l2><uifire>

    FM Rhodes w/ Velocity

  11. Crystal Bell

    Crystal Bell

  12. Oberheim


  13. Magic Voices

    Magic Voices

  14. FM Bass 2

    FM Bass 2

  15. Magic Piano

    Magic Piano

  16. Synth Toms

    Synth Toms

  17. House Organ

    House Organ

  18. House Piano

    House Piano

  19. Digisquare


  20. FM Bass 3

    FM Bass 3

  21. FM Bass 4

    FM Bass 4

  22. Sampled Analog

    Sampled Analog

  23. Retro Instruments Demo

    Retro Instruments Demo

  24. Band Hit

    Band Hit

  25. Orchestra Hit

    Orchestra Hit

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