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mdkd's character sounds

By mdkd99

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  1. Default footsteps

    Default footsteps

  2. Grass footsteps

    Grass footsteps

  3. Grass Landing

    Grass Landing

  4. Stone footsteps

    Stone footsteps

  5. Default landing

    Default landing

  6. Mud footsteps

    Mud footsteps

  7. Stone landing

    Stone landing

  8. Default jumping

    Default jumping

  9. Gravel landing

    Gravel landing

  10. Grass Jumping

    Grass Jumping

  11. Gravel footsteps

    Gravel footsteps

  12. Stone jumping

    Stone jumping

  13. Mud landing

    Mud landing

  14. Mud jumping

    Mud jumping

  15. Gravel jumping

    Gravel jumping


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