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A Awesome Complete Collection Of Mario Characters!!

By BoltJolt06 and 1 collaborator

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  1. Bowser jr

    Bowser jr

  2. Super Mario RPG : Legend of the Seven Stars - Geno

    Super Mario RPG : Legend of the Seven Stars - Geno

  3. Boo


  4. Princess Peach Doll (Tradional Outfit)

    Princess Peach Doll (Tradional Outfit)

  5. Koopa troopa (koopa kingdom)

    Koopa troopa (koopa kingdom)

  6. Beeg Boi Puppet

    Beeg Boi Puppet

  7. Lanky Kong

    Lanky Kong

  8. Mario 64 King Bomb omb

    Mario 64 King Bomb omb

  9. Wario (Wario Land Moveset)

    Wario (Wario Land Moveset)

  10. King K. Rool

    King K. Rool

  11. BEEP-O


  12. Fury Bowser

    Fury Bowser

  13. Fishy boopkins

    Fishy boopkins

  14. Goomba


  15. Boom Boom

    Boom Boom

  16. Rosalina Doll

    Rosalina Doll

  17. Gooigi


  18. Waluigi


  19. Dry Bowser

    Dry Bowser

  20. Donkey Kong

    Donkey Kong

  21. Pianta - Super Mario Sunshine

    Pianta - Super Mario Sunshine

  22. Kooper


  23. Kamek


  24. shy guys collection
    shy guys collection
    shy guys collection

    shy guys collection

  25. Dry Bones (Zayaverse)

    Dry Bones (Zayaverse)

  26. Hammer Bro (Zayaverse)

    Hammer Bro (Zayaverse)

  27. Wiggler - Super Mario

    Wiggler - Super Mario

  28. Dixie kong

    Dixie kong

  29. Professor E. Gadd

    Professor E. Gadd

  30. Mr. L

    Mr. L

  31. Funky Kong

    Funky Kong

  32. Parakarry


  33. Nabbit


  34. Goombella


  35. Daisy V2

    Daisy V2

  36. Birdo Doll

    Birdo Doll

  37. Starlo, Stuffwell, & Dreambert [M&L]

    Starlo, Stuffwell, & Dreambert [M&L]

  38. Chunky Kong

    Chunky Kong

  39. Mini Yoshi

    Mini Yoshi

  40. Lady Buu

    Lady Buu

  41. Cranky Kong

    Cranky Kong

  42. Fawful (W.I.P.)

    Fawful (W.I.P.)

  43. Dr. Mario

    Dr. Mario

  44. Chain chomp

    Chain chomp

  45. The Koopalings
    The Koopalings
    The Koopalings

    The Koopalings

  46. Super Paper Mario Tippi

    Super Paper Mario Tippi

  47. Midbus


  48. Donkey Kong JR

    Donkey Kong JR


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