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Machine Gun Collection

By BeboElRican18

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  1. Heavy Assault Rifle

    Heavy Assault Rifle

  2. <term>Mini Uzi

    <term>Mini Uzi

  3. Sub-Machine Gun (Tommy Gun)

    Sub-Machine Gun (Tommy Gun)

  4. MP5


  5. Heavy Machine Gun (MG42)

    Heavy Machine Gun (MG42)

  6. AR-15+


  7. Submachine Gun (SH-42)

    Submachine Gun (SH-42)

  8. <term>Modable AKS-74U

    <term>Modable AKS-74U

  9. Light Machine Gun (M249)

    Light Machine Gun (M249)

  10. M4 Carbine

    M4 Carbine

  11. AK-47 DIRTY

    AK-47 DIRTY

  12. AK-47 clean (Low rez)

    AK-47 clean (Low rez)

  13. Mp 40

    Mp 40

  14. <term>H&K G36C

    <term>H&K G36C

  15. Russian LMG (DT Machine Gun)

    Russian LMG (DT Machine Gun)

  16. <term>H&K MP7

    <term>H&K MP7

  17. <term>Browning M2 cal.50

    <term>Browning M2 cal.50

  18. FN P90

    FN P90

  19. Sub-Machine Gun (M1A1 Thompson)

    Sub-Machine Gun (M1A1 Thompson)

  20. G-MAL from Uncharted 3

    G-MAL from Uncharted 3

  21. AK-47 clean (High rez)

    AK-47 clean (High rez)

  22. <term>Famas G2

    <term>Famas G2

  23. FN SCAR-L


  24. Assault Rifle (FAMAS G2)

    Assault Rifle (FAMAS G2)

  25. Uzi Submachine gun

    Uzi Submachine gun

  26. Arm Micro from Uncharted 3

    Arm Micro from Uncharted 3

  27. <term>Nonmodable AKS-74U

    <term>Nonmodable AKS-74U

  28. PAK-80 from Uncharted 3

    PAK-80 from Uncharted 3

  29. FAL-SS from Uncharted 3

    FAL-SS from Uncharted 3

  30. L1GMA Rifle (Original Design)

    L1GMA Rifle (Original Design)


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