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2nd Annual Impy Awards Winner: Hidden Gem Creator



  • chenyida9999
    chenyida9999 left a comment
  • LucidDreamChaser
    LucidDreamChaser left a comment
    Unbelievable talent. A lot of wonderful, wholesome stuff on your profile! I needed that, thanks :)
  • NrdGangLOL
    NrdGangLOL left a comment
    Hey, is it okay if you could collab with me to recreate Apotheosis from Journey?
  • Valcanoru12
    Valcanoru12 left a comment
    Hey Zypher it's been a loong time since i've seen you. Also u really haven't been publishing nothin n y u haven't reached 1 million followers yet ur stuff is too good. N i also got a surprise for ya...whenever i get a new controller to start on it
  • chelsea_mb712
    chelsea_mb712 left a comment
    Hey, friend. Thank you for the follow. Brilliant animation. If you're ever interested in a collaboration, hit me up sometime
  • DreamsSurfing
    DreamsSurfing left a comment
    Wanna be friend
  • Fortnite-Drift08
    Fortnite-Drift08 left a comment
    How do you get the dog imp
  • KingES23Jr
    KingES23Jr left a comment
  • BabyCreeper2008
    BabyCreeper2008 left a comment
    "we'll meet again..."
    Hi there again!
    I have done
    of updateing on my game and my characters!
    If you have time, please check out "Sparky and Starky" and "Surfing sands".
    - sincerely BabyCreeper2008
  • Br_D_S
    Br_D_S left a comment
    Vai Corinthians
  • BabyCreeper2008
    BabyCreeper2008 left a comment
    Hey, i haven't seen you in a while... Im working on a game, I've got a tutorial level, a character and a small bit of a non updated level, what do you think of it?
    WARRIORSBADBOY79 left a comment
    Thanks a ton for the thumbs up
  • Yah_Deh
    Yah_Deh left a comment
    Keep Wafflin'
  • BabyCreeper2008
    BabyCreeper2008 left a comment
    Heres a random idea.
    What if you made buff versions of 8-Bit and called it
    "32-Bit" or "16-Bit".
  • Kerontu-Senpai
    Kerontu-Senpai left a comment
    I like your creations and comments and your photos
  • Comment deleted
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  • Comment deleted
  • Valcanoru12
    Valcanoru12 left a comment
    Hey Zypher I've finished it
  • Valcanoru12
    Valcanoru12 left a comment
    Hey Zypher can i draw ur OC
  • Acid-Plumm
    Acid-Plumm left a comment
    Hello mai frend rau ar uu
  • Witcher_76
    Witcher_76 left a comment
  • JordoGordoCND77
    JordoGordoCND77 left a comment
    Good job
  • saschad1982
    saschad1982 left a comment
    Great work
  • Acknush
    Acknush left a comment
  • Kurgan73
    Kurgan73 left a comment
    Thank you for your support :-)
  • Valcanoru12
    Valcanoru12 left a comment
    Hey zypher
  • ItsWashington17
    ItsWashington17 left a comment
    A well deserved Impy mate! Well done!

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