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Reinventing myself. I'm living for the first time so I'm doing my best. Here to express some stuff I have inside. Streaming Dreams on
I was growing up in located in western Europe city - Wrocław. Most of my life I was interested in fashion and computer games. In the meantime I was studying and pursuing different career paths - not conscious that the topic of my major interest will be such a profitable market in the future. I have bachelor's degree in Journalism and Public Relations and Master degree in Law. I was working as a PR specialist at biggest polish social media website - when I decided that being a lawyer is a future to have - a profession that guarantees good income and interesting work day. I was working in the law firm as a attorney at law for 3 years getting master degree. Because of many life changing experiences and a lot of new ideas how to approach my live I decided to quit my job in January 2018. I deeply believe in justice but lawyer profession disappointed me a little when I got to know it from the inside. I sold my apartment and bought apartment in Spain. Right now I'm renting it for students and this is how I make my living. I also started streaming games on in april 2018. Wanna continue doing because I like the feeling of having community - but in the meantime I want to find and interesting occupation that will actually help me fulfil myself in life. I'm here cuz I hope this tool will help me express myself and find friends with common interests.
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