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4th Annual Impy Awards Winner: Most Helpful Dreamer

3rd Annual Impy Awards Winner: Most Helpful Dreamer

2nd Annual Impy Awards Winner: Most Helpful Dreamer
3rd Annual Impy Awards Nominee: Creator(s)/Team of the Year

1st Annual IMPY Awards Nominee: Most Helpful Dreamer, CoMmunity Star



  • Denis_si_Fabian
    Denis_si_Fabian left a comment
  • chenyida9999
    chenyida9999 left a comment
  • NewcastleUtd1982
    NewcastleUtd1982 left a comment
    Very Nice
  • MartinEquis
    MartinEquis left a comment
  • aerassault0108
    aerassault0108 left a comment
    How do a i add a scoreboard to my Dream? NOTHING IS WORKING
  • WhalerKazan
    WhalerKazan left a comment
  • ooo60ooo_
    ooo60ooo_ left a comment
    how to rig?
  • Bendypbpedrobarb
    Bendypbpedrobarb left a comment
    Good stuff
  • zNytia_
    zNytia_ left a comment
  • SluFoot_48
    SluFoot_48 left a comment
    Are you there Tap?
  • buenoofspain
    buenoofspain left a comment
    Good games
  • Roi_Polloi
    Roi_Polloi left a comment
    Hi, just saying thanks for all the tutorials and everything you've done for the community over the past few years
  • PanichMark
    PanichMark left a comment
    What's you opinion on new moribund news concerning Dream future? :(
  • wiseguy_ellwood
    wiseguy_ellwood left a comment
  • arseny3d
    arseny3d left a comment
    Congratulations Thomas! Please come back soon!
  • BigDreamGames
    BigDreamGames left a comment
    Hey Congratulations on the win!! You are indeed very helpful. Thank you for all your hard work!!
  • Comment deleted
  • jackblue_8
    jackblue_8 left a comment
    Do you know how to stretch and bend sculpts with keyframes?
  • franzeboy
    franzeboy left a comment
    Couldn't believe I hadn't followed you yet! Apologies Tap! I bow down before ye
  • Enia_
    Enia_ left a comment
    Thank you so much for your Icons Guide. Searching Icons for Dreams or find similar ones was never so easy. You saved me so much time.
  • Juli-Jules_5857
    Juli-Jules_5857 left a comment
  • Kwizzam
    Kwizzam left a comment
    Caught your twitch VOD, thanks for the nice words about my dreams
  • A_55-B86
    A_55-B86 left a comment
    Thanks for the thumbs up !
  • NearRivers
    NearRivers left a comment
    Absolute legend.
  • LucidDreamChaser
    LucidDreamChaser left a comment
    Whoa, I haven't followed you yet? ._.
    Gonna correct that oversight immediately!
  • Jester-876
    Jester-876 left a comment
    Sorry for sending my creation twice in a row, that was an accident!

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