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[Male|EST|US|VR] Hello! I'm Stump1090! An Animator, AY Pioneer, and Voice Actor! I hope you enjoy my stuff! Twitter: stump1090YT ## *<term>500 FOLLOWERS* </term> AY Friends Official Discord:

You stopped by my indreams page? Thanks! You get to read my Extended Bio! Hello! I am Stump1090, my PSN is Stunt1090 but don't worry about that. I spend most of my day in Dreams and like to explore and experiment. I started of playing LBP nonstop when I was kid, and now I make stuff in Dreams! I pioneered the AY, I mostly oversee it, make sure everything runs smoothly, make some of my own, and run the platinum club, WHICH YOU MAY NOT JOIN but mostly oversee. I specialize in Design and Art, but doing AYs got my persona swapped to curator... so yeah, that happened... :/ I few details about me are, I am American, I am a guy, and I do things, yeah that pretty much sums it up. A few notable folks include: r8321.4098 Jellybean_Arrow  LittleStinkz63  Antonylfc088  PennyJaneDam  Retro_Bit13  @Thunder--Power MonaMania_YT  jwest2011  @shadow-wolf-h etc.

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