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Use / Remix anything that I have made or Remixed myself and have a great life.

Wanted assets:

Hydro Thunder
Mystical Ninja
Prince of Persia
Super Smash TV
Jurassic Park SNES
Goof Troop
Vigilante 8
Battle Tanx
Soldiers of Fortune SNES
More on indreams.

Extended wanted assets list: Crash Commando Incredible Crash Test Dummies Super Stardust HD Act Raiser Lethal Weapon SNES Digimon World Spyro - Princess Mononoke Natsume Yujincho Torikko Sgt Frog Willy Wonka

Maybe one of these days some of these awesome games in some capacity will be brought to dreams for us to innovate upon or reminisce with others about. See ya around.

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