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  • ShanxTheBoy
    ShanxTheBoy left a comment
  • Saddy_Z
    Saddy_Z left a comment
  • hfbvs
    hfbvs left a comment
    Keep Dreaming
  • GuessRebus
    GuessRebus left a comment
    Привет :)
  • INSIGHT-SeaPilot
    INSIGHT-SeaPilot left a comment
    What tv shows do you edit? if you don't mind me asking.
  • Tapio_X
    Tapio_X left a comment
    Hello, I really enjoyed your creation called "California 2020" . I did a remix of it and change a few settings and added some more scenes. I would like to publish it with you as a partner
  • DreamTravelerNXS
    DreamTravelerNXS left a comment
    That sounds like a really cool job 📺
  • EpicNTheFaded
    EpicNTheFaded left a comment
    Dang man, for a video editor, you're doing a pretty good job.
  • tomyfunny
    tomyfunny left a comment
    What do you mean with move ther? If you want to remix it dont worry
    HELLGIRL04 left a comment
    First comment.

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