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  • Br_D_S
    Br_D_S left a comment
    Vai Corinthians
  • Eprixko
    Eprixko left a comment
    Gj man
  • HandsomeFiend
    HandsomeFiend left a comment
    Thank you for playing The Eternity House, as well as your super nice comment! I'm thrilled you seemed to enjoy it!
  • Battlebadger18
    Battlebadger18 left a comment
    Hello fellow Badger!
  • eddieedwards
    eddieedwards left a comment
    Hey, i need help with my project. Check out my page if interested or msg me on psn
  • PassTheRizla
    PassTheRizla left a comment
    Dreams icons tip, i wrote 1 side A4 of the list on indreams before thinking just use share button to grab screen, now in dreams just press ps button & view image, no need for second screen, not seen the 1 you mention though!
  • PassTheRizla
    PassTheRizla left a comment
    Lols, i was thinking Mm made for edit mode, not sure you can open a dream in edit mode, would essentially mean recreate all tools in play mode , better Mm do it.
  • PassTheRizla
    PassTheRizla left a comment
    Oh yeah, i think i found your stash in the shed, lol
  • PassTheRizla
    PassTheRizla left a comment
    Like a real lesson doing & then being tested reinforces learning, would be hard for a single creator but collaboration or Mm might achieve something along those lines.
  • PassTheRizla
    PassTheRizla left a comment
    Loving the tutorials, especially the method of presentation, it kind of highlights a problem this can in part solve, that is a hub or edit mode tuts that are not video.
    I'm thinking like a school you can take a class, so in depth explanation & examples.
  • Jazzmooz
    Jazzmooz left a comment
    That's a cozy homespace:]
  • SnowYourEnemy
    SnowYourEnemy left a comment
    Reminds me of classic Jak and Daxter platforming, love it!
  • RadiantTwo
    RadiantTwo left a comment
    Amazing you're setting the bar quite high!

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