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####*<clue><uiinfo> <uinote> General</clue><term> Game Info</term>* 😋Dennis-nine-fiveDenji95 😋 Challenge Seeker | Minimalist Kind | Helpful | Tolerant | Patient Deu, Eng, Esp, (Ру́с, 日本語) <term>I am in Dreams-Discord too Ext. Bio >

Completionist: You can check my PSN-Profile (trophies) out to see what I like and what challenging games I could complete so far: On "About me" on my forum profile is alot of info from myself.

Collector & Sharer: see about me for other sites.

Putting things & myself to the extremes to go beyond limitations and improve myself.

I am fairly new to actually creating something and can learn anything from anyone. Only created some stuff on LBP and learned basics in "Blender".

Self-Evaluation: 10/10 Player/Tester 9/10 Curator/Collector 6/10 Sculpting (Char/Mech/Environment) 5/10 Logic 4/10 Design (Char/UI/Level) 3/10 Animation 3/10 Audio 3/10 Story-Writing 0/10 Voice Acting lol

My first projects I pursue: •Functional Rubik's Cube (logic left) •Working Quarz Clock (Animation in work) •Bicycle in detail •Car tire (optimizing) [eventually full car] •Base Puppet made from scratch [trying without the purple puppet logic] (rough base done) On hold

17th Feb. started Dreams

More+ -I love variations and like to see/learn new stuff -Calisthenics, Parkour, Cycling -Repairing stuff (Bicycle, Playstation, ...) -Riddle stuff (Soduko, Rubik's, ...)

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