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😋 Denji95 😋
Challenge Seeker | Minimalist
Kind | Helpful | Tolerant | Patient
Deu, Eng, Esp, (Ру́с, 日本語)
Extended Bio on

-17th Feb. 2020 started Dreams -

Self-Evaluation: 9,0/10 Player/Tester/QA 8,5/10 Curator/Collector 6,5/10 Logic 6,0/10 Design (Level/Char/UI) 6,0/10 Art 5,0/10 Sculpting (Char/Mech/Environment) | 3/10 Animation | | 3/10 Audio | | 3/10 Story-Writing | | 1/10 Voice Acting lol |

Projects: •Music Player | Skip [-to], Reverse, Speed, 10+, Instant playtime calc., variable, •Controller | Input tests, stick drift, visual, vibration,

Personal Note Playing games since I can remember and never stopped. Starting with "perfect" completed games in RPG's like Final Fantasy & Digimon and finishing all games I had available on hardest difficulty. Which continued with trophy completions [LBP1 & Dead Space 1] with the PS3 in 2010. With that I set me the goal to master as many games possible esp. for challenging, hard ones. Around 2015 Leaderboard games like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Rayman Legends, Dustforce, Lost Planet 2 always kept me playing for more than 100% completion, striving to become a better player. Furthermore I learned more about Speedrunning [Glitches/Exploits/Frame-Inputs/TAS etc.]

As a Challenge Seeker I like to push me to the limits and improve in the things I like the most. There is always improvement but towards the end, time needs to be invested exponentially. It is for the person to be found out how far it goes -Play for enjoyment and learning- You can check my PSN-Profile (trophies) out to see what I like and what challenging games I could complete so far. -Collector & Sharer:

-I love variations and like to see/learn new stuff all the time -Learned basics in "Blender". -Sport: Calisthenics, Parkour, Cycling -Riddle stuff (Portal, Rubik's) -Fixing stuff (Bicycle, Consoles & related stuff) -"Right to Repair" -Environment-Friendly -With Honesty to Success -Open-Minded, Trying to see the good in everyone -Against Corruption which can be found all around

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