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  • atheistsw
    atheistsw left a comment
    5 months ago
    Watched you play through 'The American Dream' fully, you said you liked it but didn't like it in Dreams at the end? Be honest, was it that Trump soundbite that turned you off? Used purely ironically, by a Brit who despises the man! :-D
  • schreppybroepke
    schreppybroepke left a comment
    9 months ago
    Hey man, thanks so much for streaming my game "Islands"! I really appreciate how you played through the entire thing! Since you asked for more: There's an entire last level (and second ending) that you haven't seen yet, to be found atop the tower...
  • DomigoMcDuck
    DomigoMcDuck left a comment
    10 months ago
    Thank you for playing and streaming my dream! Appreciate your feedback!

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