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  1. Blank Puppet (Deluxe)

    Blank Puppet (Deluxe)

  2. Artio


  3. Connie


  4. Blank Puppet (Basic)

    Blank Puppet (Basic)

  5. Blank Sliding Platforming Puppet

    Blank Sliding Platforming Puppet

  6. Kumi


  7. Chick


  8. First Person Character

    First Person Character

  9. Blue Team

    Blue Team

  10. Orange Team

    Orange Team

  11. MechaWhale
    Runner-up in the community jam: 'Science Fiction'


  12. NEW Antonylfc088 Animation Model (V3)

    NEW Antonylfc088 Animation Model (V3)

  13. Controllable Ball Character

    Controllable Ball Character

  14. Ash


  15. Siren Head

    Siren Head

  16. Rowan


  17. Sailor Stanley

    Sailor Stanley

  18. Fern the Frog

    Fern the Frog

  19. Mario


  20. Shooty


  21. Basic Follower Garden Enemy

    Basic Follower Garden Enemy

  22. Frederick Fox Puppet
    1st Annual IMPY Awards Winner: Best Character

    Frederick Fox Puppet

  23. Zomborg MK1
    Runner-up in the community jam: 'Robots'

    Zomborg MK1

  24. Shadow Puppet with Hand & Head Fan

    Shadow Puppet with Hand & Head Fan

  25. Mm Characters
    Mm Characters
    Mm Characters

    Mm Characters

  26. Fnaf floor

    Fnaf floor

  27. Tyrannosaurus Klarakat Puppet

    Tyrannosaurus Klarakat Puppet

  28. Chasey


  29. Sonic Puppet (wip?)

    Sonic Puppet (wip?)

  30. Stumpy


  31. Freddy Fazbear (OLD)

    Freddy Fazbear (OLD)

  32. A very Plane character
    2nd Annual Impy Awards Winner: Best Character

    A very Plane character

  33. Pip Gemwalker

    Pip Gemwalker

  34. Wario puppet

    Wario puppet

  35. Modern Sonic (WIP)

    Modern Sonic (WIP)

  36. Bitey


  37. Utopian Interitus No°4

    Utopian Interitus No°4

  38. Sprout


  39. Hair


  40. Anastasia the Messenger Mage
    1st Annual IMPY Awards Nominee: Best Character

    Anastasia the Messenger Mage

  41. FPS Mode Character

    FPS Mode Character

  42. Owen 2.O

    Owen 2.O

  43. Antonylfc088 Model

    Antonylfc088 Model

  44. Fps gore test

    Fps gore test

  45. Poseable Hand (2.0)

    Poseable Hand (2.0)

  46. Allie - WIP

    Allie - WIP

  47. Seamless Realistic Female Base

    Seamless Realistic Female Base

  48. Minecraft Steve

    Minecraft Steve


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