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  1. liminal mystery box
    3rd Annual Impy Awards Nominee: Evolving Experience, Creation of the Year
    CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.
    Top 25% in the coMmunity jam: 'Colour Combo'

    liminal mystery box

  2. Liminal Life                        -the full game!-

    Liminal Life -the full game!-

  3. Impossible Geometry kit
    Impossible Geometry kit
    Impossible Geometry kit

    Impossible Geometry kit

  4. The Liminal Zone (V1.1.0)

    The Liminal Zone (V1.1.0)

  5. What's in the box?

    What's in the box?

  6. Impossible geometry template

    Impossible geometry template

  7. Liminal Dreams
    Liminal Dreams
    Liminal Dreams

    Liminal Dreams

  8. The OKEA mega mall

    The OKEA mega mall

  9. The awakening

    The awakening

  10. The endless city

    The endless city

  11. Teaser Rainbow Gum.

    Teaser Rainbow Gum.

  12. The fourth floor

    The fourth floor

  13. The Liminal traveler

    The Liminal traveler

  14. A taste of home

    A taste of home

  15. The space between spaces

    The space between spaces

  16. The second day, part1

    The second day, part1

  17. The first day, part1

    The first day, part1

  18. Structures !¡
    Structures !¡
    Structures !¡

    Structures !¡

  19. Experiment | tnemirepxE

    Experiment | tnemirepxE

  20. Monday


  21. Liminal Spaces

    Liminal Spaces

  22. The dead end

    The dead end

  23. Liminal space 2

    Liminal space 2

  24. Omniscience - Night 2R Hub

    Omniscience - Night 2R Hub

  25. Liminal space 5

    Liminal space 5

  26. Pt2 Liminal space (UPDATE) V1.5.3

    Pt2 Liminal space (UPDATE) V1.5.3

  27. The awakening

    The awakening

  28. G.O (Production paused)

    G.O (Production paused)

  29. Liminal space

    Liminal space

  30. Backrooms Kit

    Backrooms Kit

  31. The Vapor Pool

    The Vapor Pool

  32. Fun Times In The Backrooms

    Fun Times In The Backrooms

  33. Liminal Life ~ intro

    Liminal Life ~ intro

  34. L0$T


  35. Galaxy star 78 (Static version)

    Galaxy star 78 (Static version)

  36. Hopital


  37. Tuesday (work in progress)

    Tuesday (work in progress)

  38. Liminal Pool

    Liminal Pool

  39. Liminal space 4

    Liminal space 4

  40. Liminal space 1

    Liminal space 1

  41. Remix of Impossible geometry template

    Remix of Impossible geometry template

  42. Omniscience


  43. Liminal space 3

    Liminal space 3

  44. Clempsons (WIP)

    Clempsons (WIP)

  45. Art gallery

    Art gallery

  46. Beffrooms - Level 0: lobby (WIP)

    Beffrooms - Level 0: lobby (WIP)

  47. The backrooms

    The backrooms

  48. The warehouse (work in progress)

    The warehouse (work in progress)


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