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  1. 8-Bit
    2nd Annual Impy Awards Nominee: Best Character


  2. Jumping Spider
    Top 10 in the community jam: 'Bugs, Bugs, Bugs'

    Jumping Spider

  3. Baldi Dance

    Baldi Dance

  4. Scratches
    Top 25% in the community jam: 'Cute Critters'


  5. Sackboy (Almost Complete) (Check Description)

    Sackboy (Almost Complete) (Check Description)

  6. Artia (Beta Release)

    Artia (Beta Release)

  7. Snow Miku Doll

    Snow Miku Doll

  8. MouseMan!


  9. Little Witch

    Little Witch

  10. Young Zelda Doll & Courtyard

    Young Zelda Doll & Courtyard

  11. Baby Tarzan Character

    Baby Tarzan Character

  12. Anime Gamer Girl Doll

    Anime Gamer Girl Doll

  13. Cosy Oak Tree House
    Top 25% in the community jam: 'In The Woods'

    Cosy Oak Tree House

  14. SuperMouse V3 (UNOFFICAL)

    SuperMouse V3 (UNOFFICAL)

  15. Chibi Christmas Anime Doll

    Chibi Christmas Anime Doll

  16. Xperion V2

    Xperion V2

  17. Princess Of The Sea

    Princess Of The Sea

  18. Land of Cuteness

    Land of Cuteness

  19. Xperiboi


  20. Artia HD Render (100 Subs Milestone)

    Artia HD Render (100 Subs Milestone)

  21. Totoro Anime Girl Doll

    Totoro Anime Girl Doll

  22. Linkle Doll

    Linkle Doll

  23. Kawaii Lollipop Girl Doll

    Kawaii Lollipop Girl Doll

  24. Project Amy (Tech Demo) WIP

    Project Amy (Tech Demo) WIP

  25. Gothic Anime Maid Doll

    Gothic Anime Maid Doll

  26. Project Amy Test Area (Very WIP)

    Project Amy Test Area (Very WIP)

  27. Peppa the Pig

    Peppa the Pig

  28. Ashley Doll (WarioWare)

    Ashley Doll (WarioWare)

  29. George the Pig

    George the Pig

  30. Pretty Anime Maid Doll 2

    Pretty Anime Maid Doll 2

  31. CupHead (Model)

    CupHead (Model)

  32. Dog


  33. Sonk Memeia (Ver 0.3)

    Sonk Memeia (Ver 0.3)

  34. Pink Lolita Doll

    Pink Lolita Doll

  35. inside Ashley house

    inside Ashley house

  36. Medusa Doll

    Medusa Doll

  37. Shrine Maiden Doll

    Shrine Maiden Doll

  38. Cutie Dress (No Puppet Rig)

    Cutie Dress (No Puppet Rig)

  39. Princess Peach Doll (Tradional Outfit)

    Princess Peach Doll (Tradional Outfit)

  40. Gothic Victorian Doll

    Gothic Victorian Doll

  41. Candy Girl Doll

    Candy Girl Doll

  42. Hey! Thats my ball

    Hey! Thats my ball

  43. Chibi Chi Doll

    Chibi Chi Doll

  44. Kianbroom and Roya Wedding

    Kianbroom and Roya Wedding

  45. Master Chief Meets Baby Frisk

    Master Chief Meets Baby Frisk

  46. Raphael


  47. Cute Anime School Girl Doll

    Cute Anime School Girl Doll

  48. 8-Bit (Impys Dress)

    8-Bit (Impys Dress)


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