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  1. Small Cobblestone Floor

    Small Cobblestone Floor

  2. Eroded Rock Formation

    Eroded Rock Formation

  3. Large Rocky Terrain Piece

    Large Rocky Terrain Piece

  4. Small Rock Cluster

    Small Rock Cluster

  5. Grassy Rubble

    Grassy Rubble

  6. Garden Square Grass Block

    Garden Square Grass Block

  7. Small Rounded Stones

    Small Rounded Stones

  8. Mossy Rounded Rocks

    Mossy Rounded Rocks

  9. Ground Rubble

    Ground Rubble

  10. Tiny Rock

    Tiny Rock

  11. Pile of Stones

    Pile of Stones

  12. Grassy Rocks

    Grassy Rocks

  13. Large Garden Piece

    Large Garden Piece

  14. Engraved Boulder

    Engraved Boulder

  15. Rounded Rocks

    Rounded Rocks

  16. Rocky Rubble

    Rocky Rubble

  17. Red Rocks

    Red Rocks

  18. Small Boulder

    Small Boulder

  19. Snowy Rocks

    Snowy Rocks

  20. Block of Ice

    Block of Ice

  21. Hill


  22. Grass Patch

    Grass Patch

  23. Garden Grass Cookie

    Garden Grass Cookie

  24. Tree With Hollow
    1st Annual IMPY Awards Winner: Most Used Community Creation

    Tree With Hollow

  25. Tall Tree Asset (Optimized)

    Tall Tree Asset (Optimized)

  26. Realistic Rock Formation Module

    Realistic Rock Formation Module

  27. Rock - Toon

    Rock - Toon

  28. Grass Stone x4 - Toon

    Grass Stone x4 - Toon

  29. Choppy water waves

    Choppy water waves

  30. Stars in the Sky (Starry Sky) 🌠

    Stars in the Sky (Starry Sky) 🌠

  31. Landscape Asset

    Landscape Asset

  32. Ocean tile (transparent)

    Ocean tile (transparent)

  33. Minecraft Block Optimized

    Minecraft Block Optimized

  34. Rock


  35. Realistic water

    Realistic water

  36. Scenery


  37. Moon


  38. Detailed Matterhorn Mountain

    Detailed Matterhorn Mountain

  39. Garden Square Block

    Garden Square Block

  40. Forest Background

    Forest Background

  41. Garden Cylinder

    Garden Cylinder

  42. Cobblestone Patch

    Cobblestone Patch

  43. Realistic Forest Ground Module

    Realistic Forest Ground Module

  44. Strong Medium Tree
    Top 25% in the community jam: 'Spring Season - Elements'

    Strong Medium Tree

  45. 3D Night Sky with Moon :)

    3D Night Sky with Moon :)

  46. Pale Spring/Cold Weather grass clump w/wave effect

    Pale Spring/Cold Weather grass clump w/wave effect

  47. Landscape Asset 3

    Landscape Asset 3

  48. Park Bench

    Park Bench


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