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  1. Electric Bass Guitar Sustain

    Electric Bass Guitar Sustain

  2. Sub Sub

    Sub Sub

  3. Slap Master Bass Guitar

    Slap Master Bass Guitar

  4. Simple Sine-Mon Bass

    Simple Sine-Mon Bass

  5. Rock Picked Bass Guitar

    Rock Picked Bass Guitar

  6. Double Upright Bass

    Double Upright Bass

  7. Staccato Picked Bass Guitar

    Staccato Picked Bass Guitar

  8. FM Mover Bass

    FM Mover Bass

  9. Soft 'n' Analogue Bass

    Soft 'n' Analogue Bass

  10. Simple Sub Bass

    Simple Sub Bass

  11. Real Funk Bass Guitar

    Real Funk Bass Guitar

  12. Wide Analog Bass

    Wide Analog Bass

  13. Quick Analog Bass

    Quick Analog Bass

  14. Overdrive Bass

    Overdrive Bass

  15. Instant Acid Bass

    Instant Acid Bass

  16. Micro Computer Bass

    Micro Computer Bass

  17. Grind Bass

    Grind Bass

  18. Utter Filth Bass

    Utter Filth Bass

  19. Staccato Plucked Bass Guitar

    Staccato Plucked Bass Guitar

  20. Synth Bass

    Synth Bass

  21. Stacked Analog Bass

    Stacked Analog Bass

  22. FM Classic Bass

    FM Classic Bass

  23. Kinda Funky Bass

    Kinda Funky Bass

  24. Rez And Growl Bass

    Rez And Growl Bass

  25. FM Grunge Bass

    FM Grunge Bass

  26. Funk Grenade

    Funk Grenade

  27. Sasquatch Bass

    Sasquatch Bass

  28. Detuned Analog Bass

    Detuned Analog Bass

  29. Chippy Bass

    Chippy Bass

  30. Devilled Bass

    Devilled Bass

  31. Coaster Bass

    Coaster Bass

  32. Signal Bass

    Signal Bass

  33. Sub Drop

    Sub Drop

  34. Criminal Bass

    Criminal Bass

  35. Rubber Band Bass

    Rubber Band Bass

  36. Domph King

    Domph King

  37. Explorer Bass

    Explorer Bass

  38. Bowed Guitar

    Bowed Guitar

  39. House Wub

    House Wub

  40. Plucked Cardboard Bass

    Plucked Cardboard Bass

  41. Dirty Acoustic Slap Bass

    Dirty Acoustic Slap Bass

  42. Small Talk

    Small Talk

  43. FM Classic Bass

    FM Classic Bass

  44. Detuned Bass Synth

    Detuned Bass Synth

  45. Secret Weapon

    Secret Weapon

  46. Acid House Spicy Bass

    Acid House Spicy Bass

  47. Underground Bass

    Underground Bass

  48. Thicc 808

    Thicc 808


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