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A forum post by UncleM_Games

As things are now, a PS5 version is pretty low on the wishlist for me.  After not being able to get a PS5 for 2 years, I now feel that i'm really not missing anything and Sony hasn't given me reason to even want one at this point.  I was and still am somewhat hyped for PSVR2 though, but that excitement was tempered after learning that Dreams would not support VR2.  I'm still interested. but in a hold pattern until i see where Sony takes it.  Dreams would push it over the finish line though, and a PS5 and VR2 would then be much more likely purchases.  

All that being said, Mm needs to do whatever it takes to not let Dreams die.  Is a PS5 version the answer? I'm not sure.  However, the current trajectory doesn't instil confidence. 

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