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A forum post by Yusaghi

"Back" Room - A room resembling the Backrooms. It's the reason why some tiles are referred to as rooms.

Coconut Monkey - The real prize.

Congrats Corner - "Congratulations, you made it to the corner. Now what?"

Cool Corner - "Cool corner right?"

Dev Promo - "Subscribe to my youtube channel: jiar300 (Obviously some self-promo is going to be easily found)"

Elevator to Heaven - It has a great view.

Freedom! - An exit leading outside the maze.

Hallucinogen - A trap of sorts. It triggers visual and audio effects when entering only certain areas of a tile.

Instructions - General information about the game, the maze and controls.

Meat Room - A room with walls oddly similar to meat.

Text on the Wall - "Text on the wall"

Water Room - A room flowing with water.

Yusaghi's Room - A room filled with white fluff.


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