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A forum post by Yusaghi

Getting lost in a public restroom simulator.

THE LUCKY MAZE is a bighuge maze: 10km² big! And it's filled with tons of secrets, especially the most sought out after one: a trophy that so far nobody has found yet despite thousands of players trying since release. It's become quite the interesting challenge.

My go-to method so far has been to just run around and hope I trip over something, but during my last "trip" I thought it would be neat if I made a map of the maze both as a guide and as an open invitation for others to contribute to it.

But how does one map such a huge maze? Like this!

According to the game, the maze is made up of 8,281 tiles, and since the maze is a square that means the maze runs at 91x91 tiles with the 46th tile being the center on each side. If you went inside the maze already, you may have noticed the gaps on the floors and walls. Those are the edges of the tiles.

On the map, each block represents a tile. A white block means I ran through it but I didn't search around all the corners. A magenta/redish block means I searched the entire tile and found nothing. A yellow block means I found something, and it usually has a name accompanying it. The post below this OP has a list of all mapped secrets with descriptions.

And that's it! So really it's just about counting tiles and keeping your orientation right (I highly recommend using the edges of the tiles as a type of guard rail).



If you want to help with the map, post your routes. If you found something and I can get to it with your route, then you can both name it and get credit for it.

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