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A forum post by x12r13
"tiki pona" is a designed language for fun. It has somewhere around 125 words and a strict grammar. One goal of the creator was to build an easy to learn language, which allows basic communication between people. The project was founded somewhere around y2k. There is a small global community, which has created realy nice content over the years. * a full hieroglyph set * hand signs for all words * an sibling alphabet Beside this technical things they have also translated text and poems and built up a chat community. I think it would be nice to have a VR experience, a kind of game, with the side effect of learning this language. Since I'm new to dreams my skills are limited (or non existing). Sharing and collaboration seems to be one of dreams key elements. So its maybe a good idea to ask for an experienced audition, a mentor and find contact to people interested in this idea. And here we are! :) Ps: My native language is german, sorry for my bad english :)

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