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A forum post by schreppybroepke

I work in media education, and have been thinking about how to put Dreams to an educational use for quite a while now: While using it in schools seems like a pretty tough proposition here in Germany (let's face it, schools already have a tough time getting all the PCs and tablets they need -- few would actually go as far as purchasing PlayStation systems), I think it would work really well as a creative tool in youth work: Many youth centers already have PS4s knocking around, and Dreams can be an incredibly powerful creative tool for all kinds of workshops -- even if the creation of bigger games/playable experiences would probably call for a longer workshop format.

In the meantime, I've done a couple of livestreams showing off how Dreams might be used to produce animations, machinima or digital art, as part of the specialised conferences we run on a fairly regular basis.

So, TLDR; Yeah, it could be an awesome tool to use in education -- it just needs the right combination of external factors to truly be viable in a given situation and educational institution.

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