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A forum post by Madrid_357

First: Yes, it's not really original to build something from an existing franchise but the goal is to get attention for something (!) like this.


- I want to make at least a simple tutorial level for a turn-based One Piece game with new characters and a new story. Three friends from an island are destined to get Devil Fruits to set their adventure - a tradition which happens every 40 years with the three best students. I don't know which Devil Fruit the hero should have but this is nothing that needs to be done right now. The story is set after Luffy sets in sea and before Marineford and they will travel a different route than the strawhats. Why do you travel with your friends? It's not because you need to find the One Piece. You are not a pirate, you are a sailor with your mates (boy and girl).


- Unfortunately, I'm bad in almost everything. Animation, Sculpting (especially sculpting) and music. I'm kinda "not that bad" in things like menus. The fight menu has a steering wheel of a ship and 4 commands at first based on the four cardinal points. Yes, it doesn't look good but I would say this is 1%. I can't sculpt a real steering wheel which looks 2D. I can't animate it perfect. If I press a button the steering wheel should move to the direct but with way more keyframes then just this one and when I press the button, another menu will open - at least for the points Skills and Etc. (this is something I can done). The color will be adjusted for the letters, another font, another good looking style because this is just a sketch.

<Video url="" title="Battle menu"/>


- The combination between logic and animation behind everything - no way. The vision behind is easy, the execution is hard. I try to make it by myself but yeah. If any One Piece fan like the idea at first - cool. If you are good in animations, logic or sculpting (characters, islands) - way better. I just plan to make a showcase, a demo, nothing more. If it's not possible to share it online because of copyrights - no problem. Intro, choose the Devil Fruit, walking on the island (not really big because there will be more), one-two fights and done.


- It's a turn-based RPG so there are different animations for the other party members or if you eat/drink something to heal. The inspiration for the whole game is Yakuza: Like A Dragon in terms of gameplay. I don't want people who would help me without knowing One Piece. I want fans like me. Fans who likes RPGs, fans who wants some good One Piece game because let's be real, there aren't much. I have the vision (more than I written here), I want to talk with my partners about it and if it's good or not and what can be added and what not.

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