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A forum post by Geraldao

'@Supposer not sure if you'll read this but let me tell you my personal experience. During the beta I was testing out some stuff, and imported a Zombie model into my scene. To suit my needs, I made some tiny change to the puppet - like change animation sliders for example. Then, when I went to publish the level, the game told me I had do publish the "new" zombie asset as a "Remix of Zombie" as a separate element. So I was kinda forced to put out there this remix version.

Since then lots of people have used my Remix of Zombie version. I feel kinda embarassed by it, because I didn't really know what I was's a very poor job over the original one, and I wondered if I was doing something wrong. Ultimately, I believe the original creator is getting credited, as is stated by Media Molecule.

So you see, maybe people have no intention of "stealing" anything, but the way Dreams work, it makes you republish stuff for any tiny detail you change in your scene.

Curiously....I've used many shared assets I my creations since then and this rule doesn't apply to most objects....but this zombie in always asks me to republish it somehow. I don't understand it.

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