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A forum post by Supposer

'@CLOUD: As I explained at the start of my post, I am all for that. This is why I made those creations: that people could use them in their scenes, or remix them to be more their style or to better fit their needs. Seeing that kind of thing is great! It's awesome to get notifications when people use my work in various ways. And it's a pleasure to go see how they've used it.

As I also explained in my post, that is not what I'm talking about. It's pretty easy to make remix something someone else made, and publish it to make it look like--from the cover page at least--you took another creation and changed it for the better, or even that you created it entirely yourself. This is disingenuous, and something akin to false advertising--hence drawing the link to a "theft" of sorts.

This thread is aimed at finding out how Mm would like me to report such behaviour, as it's certainly not in harmony with the spirit of sharing and creating together that Mm is trying to instill in Dreams (and that they succeed in doing across 99% of the dreamiverse).

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