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A forum post by Daanthk

This is become a huge problem now. Ever since YouTube's biggest creator, PewDiePie, made a video asking for people to create Dreams for him to play, the creation theft has skyrocketed.

There are even several examples of people...
1. Remixing a great, original creation
2. Releasing it with NO or VERY FEW changes
3. Putting that stolen creation in a Dream
4. Releasing the Dream with the stolen creation in it
5. Don't credit the original creator anywhere

Yes, you can eventually find the original creation if you dig hard enough through the credits/comments/genealogy, but 99% of people never look at that stuff.

Some even go as far as to create multiple accounts to give a like on their own stolen Dream. Then, spam countless useless comments so you have to scroll a long time to reach the comments calling out the creation theft.

The problem, imo, lies in the fact that...
1. You can release "remixed" creations without changing a single thing
2. There isn't a single indicator on a Dream's overview page that shows it contains remixed creations or anything
3. We can't report comment spamming and/or creation-stealing Dreamers

If MediaMolecule doesn't act soon, this problem will only get bigger and bigger, and it will hurt the community in multiple ways

- More and more people restricting remixability of their creations because of this problem
- People getting disencouraged to be original, since plainly copying other people's stuff isn't acted upon and rakes in the likes
- Original creations getting less likes and attention compared to the stolen version, this is already happening, and the original creator can't do anything

Personally, I don't really care for how many followers I have, but some people do. And if I look around I see several creation-stealing dreamers with a decent following. All those followers are probably clueless of the fact that this Dreamer does nothing more than steal. I wouldn't blame other follower-hungry Dreamers to start copying other peoples stuff since it apparently works wonders for gaining a following...

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