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A forum post by Supposer

'@Denjo: It's worth noting that you *cannot* publish an element (a thing that goes into a scene as opposed to a scene or dream) *without* it being remixable.

That said, I did want it to be remixable. This allows people to add it to their own creations, and to make changes to it to improve it or style it how they need to for their own uses. That's why I made it in the first place; to let people use it and change it how they see fit.

However, the examples mentioned in the post did not add it to their own creation. They didn't change it to be their own style or something.

They saw my creation, remixed it, saved it, and published it with no changes whatsoever--as if they'd just slapped a sticker with their name on it next to mine without being involved in any way in making that version. At least in that instance, their "version" is marked as a remix of mine, and so has my name on the front cover. Though they could get around that easily by remixing their own version and re-publishing it, at which point my name is further buried into the genealogy or full credits.

The worse case was where someone made a new blank creation, imported by creation, saved it, and published it. This is *not* marked as a remix, and so does *not* have my name on the cover.

If there's only one name on the cover (using either method) people aren't going to think, "I wonder who made this? Let me check the credits and genealogy." They're going to think "that guy with his name on the cover made it." If they *do* check the full credits, they'll see my name in there and think, "oh, that's nice. They made a thing, and he helped."

And if people start using these no-effort shell-creations instead of the original that is literally exactly the same, the name of the person who made that shell-creation will be included in the full credits as people who helped make those other things also. In what way did they help? What are they getting credit *for*?

Something to note, though, is the topic of this thread. I'm not trying to post feedback about the crediting system; it's a tough nut to crack, and will take time to get right. That's what EA is for, after all. I recognise that for now, it's pretty easy to file the creator's name off of the cover page and post something as if you had made it yourself. For the foreseeable future, there's no way to prevent that from happening; it's going to happen.

So the topic of this thread is, what to do about it. I feel this kind of "theft" or whatever you want to call it wouldn't be good for the community if it becomes widespread--or even if it's more low level in the background. It seems to me that pretending to have made something when you had no part in it isn't in the spirit of creating and sharing that Mm wants for Dreams. Right now, there may be no way of preventing this from happening. But there is a way of reporting creations for various reasons already in place. So if we could use that to bring these "stolen" creations to Mm's attention, they could decide what (if anything) should happen about it.

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