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A forum post by Supposer

'@Adarwell: It's only remixable stuff. Though it's worth noting that you cannot release an element without it being remixable. The "remixable" status is what allows people to add those creations into their scenes, so that's fair enough. But it does allow people to simply repost something with no changes or effort.

So for your scenes containing lost of elements... people could go to that creation, remix it, save it making no changes whatsoever, and release it. Or they could create a new bank creation, import your creation, save it with no changes whatsoever, and release that--which currently means it would not even be marked as a remix or have your name anywhere on the cover page.

As I explained, it's unclear if the people who did this had malicious intent, or if they didn't know that would hide the name, or if they just republished it by accident or something.

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