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A forum post by lmwells8

This might sound a little weird but is there a way to change the camera during game play like you could in old Nintendo 64?games, by flicking the Right stick up to go into 1st person & move the camera around to get a good look at the world?

I was able to do this somewhat but I ran into a problem because I used the right stick to change the perspective I could no longer move the camera in third person.

I have it wired that the right stick local goes into a splitter I took y & hooked it up into a microchip that turned on the 1st person camera & when u let go of the stick it turns back to the normal camera perspective. I did find that if I unhooked the right stick from the splitter that it did give me my controls back is there ant way that I could hook up each camera into different outputs or something or is this completely impossible?

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