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A forum post by Flying_60103

Hello everyone, as you may have seen we have been setting in some subtle hints for this article. FNAF Frightened is at long last on the horizon. Be ready. FNAF Frightened is set to release on October 13th A.K.A Friday The 13th. We've been very busy working behind the scenes and now we're in the homestrech of development. fnaf Frightened started as a small (not small now, you'll see what we mean wheen it launches) since then it has grown and grown and grown. The plan was originally to have the destroyed versions of the fnaf 6 animatronics in a pizzeria that is now a warehouse, during the nights it would be a mix of free roam and staying in an office. However that does not mean it won't happen. The original name was Five Nights At Freddy's The Fright then it got changed to The Ultimate Fright and then it became what it is now. In March 2022 work began. Crazy to think that almost 2 years later the development end is on the horizon. See you on Friday The 13th.

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