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A forum post by Nasic


I have the same problem. When trying to save online (as private) or launch a public version of my creation, I can't do it because apparently I don't have permissions for a certain scene, but I can't find out what it is. In the two online options I get an exclamation mark that supposedly should tell me which creations are problematic, but when I click on it, I get another screen with a gray "globe" with the forbidden symbol and a message that says that "the creation is not available."

If I look at the creations that I am using from the "update" mode inside the edit mode, I see them all correctly. with their miniatures.

I have tried to create a dream and put that scene into the dream and release it. At first everything was fine, but at the moment of truth I get another error message that says I don't have permissions for the scene (letters and numbers), and it turns me back.

The funny thing is that I have saved online versions for two weeks that I can "download" them, and without making any changes, I try to save it online again and I get the error again.


I'm desperate. I don't want to think that I've wasted two years of work!!

I have an online version saved in case you need to access the creation. Just tell me what you need.

The scene I supposedly don't have access to is "o8980963f46a64e"



I have submitted a ticket (4121)

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