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A forum post by LegendaryAndre

Dear Media Molecule Team,

I recently released the game Amazing Animals, but unfortunately, it is currently unplayable due to an error. This is particularly disheartening for me as I have dedicated over two years of intense work to this title.

Yesterday, a Dreams member brought to my attention that the file for the game I uploaded is not accessible ("Game broken. Says cannot find file"). I am unsure if this issue is related to the server migration or if it existed prior to that. Despite the game being playable on my local PlayStation, I am unable to publish new versions. Sometimes, I encounter an "Unexpected Error" message, and other times, it indicates that I am using private versions of creations that I do not have access to. When I investigate which creations these are, I see that they are deleted creations without any designation.

Dear Media Molecule Team, I truly hope that you can assist me in making the game playable, as any other outcome would be a bitter disappointment. To work on a game for so long and then not be able to share it with others is a significant blow that is difficult to endure, which is why I am reaching out for your support. I would be immensely grateful if you could help resolve this issue.

Here is the link to my creation, Amazing Animals:

Warm regards, Andre Hammer

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