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A forum post by OogleSquid
Given the new limits after the server change for saving projects, I have 2 main questions. I've always known that Dreams would one day lose support, which is fine so long as I can continue to work on my projects. But a max limit of 256 creations (a number actually much smaller when you look at the typical size of full scenes and dreams) for online and local is crippling for me. So... 1) Mm says the limit will be imposed after the migration and not affect prior creations. However, does that mean that if you work on a prior online creation and save it online after the migration, that will count towards your limit now same as a brand new creation? So you can only work on a maximum of 256 creations after the move? 2) Is there any way we can increase our own storage capacity? Like buying a large external storage device or paying for online storage etc I really hope there are ways to work past this limit because for me and my work, I need more space with or without Mm. If the 256 number is not escapable and will affect any saved creation (regardless of when it was created), than my Dreams are truly dead.

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