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A forum post by TheCloudWall

My suggestion is to give us the ability to manipulate in-game Dreams screenshots. This solves the issue of ease of importing of copyrighted images, but it also adds freedom to creators when it comes to texture development.

Here are a few examples of how you can use these screenshots:

- New "Custom Text Displayer" that loads these screenshots. Has sticker support for custom texturing.

- Can use as static background imagery to save a significant amount of thermo (or loop it around, such as clouds in the sky). Imagine making a detailed scene exceeding the thermo limits, taking a screenshot of it, then condensing that down to just 0.01% gameplay thermo!

- Gives creators the flexibility to make expensive and detailed textures for other Dreamers.

One possible drawback is that some creators that primarily develop concept art may not want their art to be screenshotted and repurposed. So, maybe there can be a system that allows for Private creations to have "locked" screenshots (enabled by default), which will not be able to be used in a creation.

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