Boost's Hot Rod V4.4 (updated 27/1/19)

By boost4444

  • jester946
    jester946 left a review
    This car is awesome! I would love to use this engine for a project i'm thinking of starting. Love the idle sound!
    9 months ago
  • Ahmad-MG1
    Ahmad-MG1 left a review
    Woow tihs cool
    a year ago
  • Styvon123
    Styvon123 left a review
    Excellent. It works now.
    a year ago
  • Styvon123
    Styvon123 left a review
    The car wont move :(
    a year ago
  • phoenxdrag0n
    phoenxdrag0n left a review
    This is amazing!
    a year ago
  • N-Supersilly
    N-Supersilly left a review
    a year ago
  • bigsurf77
    bigsurf77 left a review
    Great! Nice to see you create again ;)
    a year ago
  • Lampie95
    Lampie95 left a review
    Love it! Great eye for detail
    a year ago
  • LadyLexUK
    LadyLexUK left a review
    Great detail. Now we need drive mech and a track!
    a year ago
  • SpeedyBunnyz
    SpeedyBunnyz left a review
    Dude, so good. Love how interactive it is. Good work.
    a year ago
  • Majoneskongen
    Majoneskongen left a review
    Really cuuul!!!!!!!!!
    a year ago
  • Avril4iZ
    Avril4iZ left a review
    Nice work 10/10
    a year ago
  • ProjectGenesisYT
    ProjectGenesisYT left a review
    This looks soo good
    a year ago
  • iBubek
    iBubek left a review
    This is crazy detailed, really well done!
    a year ago

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