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  1. Eugene


  2. Roger Whitebeard
    1st Annual IMPY Awards Nominee: Best Character

    Roger Whitebeard

  3. Stanley


  4. Ommy


  5. Panda Bear

    Panda Bear

  6. HAT  (Ushanka)

    HAT (Ushanka)

  7. Animal Characters
    Animal Characters
    Animal Characters

    Animal Characters

  8. Armadillo


  9. Annie Coyote

    Annie Coyote

  10. Reginald Bullworthy

    Reginald Bullworthy

  11. Party Llama

    Party Llama

  12. Old Bison

    Old Bison

  13. Cowboy Cat

    Cowboy Cat

  14. Conker's BFD

    Conker's BFD

  15. Saloon Stan

    Saloon Stan

  16. Elk Shaman
    Top 25% in the community jam: 'Winter'

    Elk Shaman

  17. King Theodore

    King Theodore

  18. Cocoa teddy

    Cocoa teddy

  19. Pirate tricorn feathered hat

    Pirate tricorn feathered hat

  20. Fox Knight

    Fox Knight

  21. Snowball teddy

    Snowball teddy

  22. Luke


  23. Pirate Bear 1

    Pirate Bear 1

  24. Leemur


  25. Pirate Bear 2

    Pirate Bear 2

  26. Remix of Panda Bear

    Remix of Panda Bear

  27. Bison Soldier

    Bison Soldier

  28. Barman


  29. Paprika


  30. Hedgehog


  31. Plush Seeker Teddy

    Plush Seeker Teddy

  32. Remix of Ommy

    Remix of Ommy

  33. Jólakötturinn Remix of Cowboy Cat

    Jólakötturinn Remix of Cowboy Cat

  34. Remix of Eugene

    Remix of Eugene

  35. Rustic Bed with Pelt v2

    Rustic Bed with Pelt v2

  36. Love Heart 1

    Love Heart 1

  37. Luke at Bedtime

    Luke at Bedtime

  38. Ambrose the Artificer

    Ambrose the Artificer

  39. Remix of Barman :]

    Remix of Barman :]

  40. Remix of Eugene

    Remix of Eugene

  41. Remix of Roger Whitebeard

    Remix of Roger Whitebeard

  42. Stuffed Animal Head

    Stuffed Animal Head


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