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  1. Small Cobblestone Floor

    Small Cobblestone Floor

  2. Eroded Rock Formation

    Eroded Rock Formation

  3. Ancient Temple Wall

    Ancient Temple Wall

  4. Large Rocky Terrain Piece

    Large Rocky Terrain Piece

  5. Ancient Temple Decorated Cube

    Ancient Temple Decorated Cube

  6. Small Rock Cluster

    Small Rock Cluster

  7. Beech pool
    Community creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement, and inspiration.

    Beech pool

  8. Stone Torch

    Stone Torch

  9. Curved Pathing Stones

    Curved Pathing Stones

  10. Ancient Temple Doorway

    Ancient Temple Doorway

  11. Ancient Temple Steps

    Ancient Temple Steps

  12. Ancient Temple Floor

    Ancient Temple Floor

  13. Large Garden Piece

    Large Garden Piece

  14. Ancient Temple Bridge

    Ancient Temple Bridge

  15. Red Rocks

    Red Rocks

  16. Wooden Platform Plank

    Wooden Platform Plank

  17. Ancient Temple Cylinder

    Ancient Temple Cylinder

  18. Dining Table

    Dining Table

  19. Ancient Temple Pillar

    Ancient Temple Pillar

  20. BeamNG.jake (Remix of)
    BeamNG.jake (Remix of)
    BeamNG.jake (Remix of)

    BeamNG.jake (Remix of)

  21. Brown Foliage

    Brown Foliage

  22. Fence Panel

    Fence Panel

  23. Chair


  24. Ancient Temple Ramp

    Ancient Temple Ramp

  25. Decorated Slanted Block

    Decorated Slanted Block

  26. Wood Floor

    Wood Floor

  27. Stone Floor Panel

    Stone Floor Panel

  28. Stone Decorative Tiles

    Stone Decorative Tiles

  29. Shed Wall

    Shed Wall

  30. Vertical Moving Platform

    Vertical Moving Platform

  31. Trapdoor Platform

    Trapdoor Platform

  32. Horizontal Moving Platform

    Horizontal Moving Platform

  33. Ancient Temple Window

    Ancient Temple Window

  34. Big Stump

    Big Stump

  35. Bare Tree Branch

    Bare Tree Branch

  36. Shed Door

    Shed Door

  37. Diamond Tiled Trim

    Diamond Tiled Trim

  38. Rotating Platform

    Rotating Platform

  39. Cupboard


  40. Garden Steps

    Garden Steps

  41. Cabinet


  42. Rock


  43. Snowy Branch

    Snowy Branch

  44. Sliding Ramp Steep

    Sliding Ramp Steep

  45. Bushy Tree

    Bushy Tree

  46. Shed Door Frame

    Shed Door Frame

  47. Stool


  48. Garden Square Block

    Garden Square Block


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