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  1. Soft Park Wind

    Soft Park Wind

  2. Realistic Sniper Simulator

    Realistic Sniper Simulator

  3. Sunny Day

    Sunny Day

  4. Beefy Whoosh

    Beefy Whoosh

  5. Classic Quick Whoosh

    Classic Quick Whoosh

  6. Sub Bass Dive

    Sub Bass Dive

  7. Whippy Whoosh

    Whippy Whoosh

  8. Flappy Cloth Whoosh

    Flappy Cloth Whoosh

  9. Long Airy Whoosh

    Long Airy Whoosh

  10. Long Whistling Whoosh

    Long Whistling Whoosh

  11. Regeneration Spell Loop

    Regeneration Spell Loop

  12. Deep Whoosh

    Deep Whoosh

  13. Explosive Fireball

    Explosive Fireball

  14. Clock Strikes Yesterday

    Clock Strikes Yesterday

  15. Firework Show

    Firework Show

  16. Tree 1 (blossom)

    Tree 1 (blossom)

  17. Electric Explosion

    Electric Explosion

  18. Tonal Rip Whoosh

    Tonal Rip Whoosh

  19. Long Windy Whoosh

    Long Windy Whoosh

  20. Electric Punch

    Electric Punch

  21. Light of the Elders

    Light of the Elders

  22. Spinning Harsh Whoosh

    Spinning Harsh Whoosh

  23. Archangel Whoosh

    Archangel Whoosh

  24. Synth Bass Whoosh

    Synth Bass Whoosh

  25. Punchy Massive Whoosh

    Punchy Massive Whoosh

  26. Flaming Torch Whoosh

    Flaming Torch Whoosh

  27. Field of Grass - element

    Field of Grass - element

  28. Fizz Bomb

    Fizz Bomb

  29. Rising Mana Loop

    Rising Mana Loop

  30. Plasma Overload

    Plasma Overload

  31. Roaring Whoosh

    Roaring Whoosh

  32. Hypersonic Whoosh

    Hypersonic Whoosh

  33. Steam Exhaust

    Steam Exhaust

  34. Cast Hex

    Cast Hex

  35. Blazing Fire Whoosh

    Blazing Fire Whoosh

  36. Long Sub Bass Hit

    Long Sub Bass Hit

  37. Huge Fireball

    Huge Fireball

  38. Long Rocket Whoosh

    Long Rocket Whoosh

  39. Spectral Shining

    Spectral Shining

  40. Phoenix Whoosh

    Phoenix Whoosh

  41. Get Across

    Get Across

  42. Ghostly Whoosh

    Ghostly Whoosh

  43. Sparks


  44. Protection Spell Loop

    Protection Spell Loop

  45. Sizzling Fire Whoosh

    Sizzling Fire Whoosh

  46. Goblin Hex

    Goblin Hex

  47. Crunchy Whoosh

    Crunchy Whoosh

  48. Short Sub Bass Hit

    Short Sub Bass Hit


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