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  1. Withered Freddy

    Withered Freddy

  2. Witherd Freddy

    Witherd Freddy

  3. Witherd Bonnie

    Witherd Bonnie

  4. Withered Golden Freddy

    Withered Golden Freddy

  5. Unwithered Freddy

    Unwithered Freddy

  6. Phantom Freddy

    Phantom Freddy

  7. Ignited Bonnie

    Ignited Bonnie

  8. Ignited Freddy

    Ignited Freddy

  9. Shadow Freddy

    Shadow Freddy

  10. Schmiggle McPiggle

    Schmiggle McPiggle

  11. FNAF witherds pack
    FNAF witherds pack
    FNAF witherds pack

    FNAF witherds pack

  12. Creppy Ignited Freddy

    Creppy Ignited Freddy

  13. Ignited vr Freddy

    Ignited vr Freddy

  14. Remix of Unwithered Freddy

    Remix of Unwithered Freddy

  15. Phantom Freddy (More Accurate)

    Phantom Freddy (More Accurate)

  16. withered freddy funko pop

    withered freddy funko pop

  17. Phantom golden freddy

    Phantom golden freddy

  18. Shadow Freddy

    Shadow Freddy

  19. Freddy pog

    Freddy pog

  20. Ghost bear

    Ghost bear

  21. Unwithered Golden Freddy

    Unwithered Golden Freddy

  22. Destroyed Freddy V3

    Destroyed Freddy V3

  23. Ignited Freddy control

    Ignited Freddy control

  24. Redbear but he uses Joshmanblues model.

    Redbear but he uses Joshmanblues model.

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